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Special Education Teachers - Immediate Vacancies

Lakewood, WA 10/25/2018
Special Education Teachers - Immediate Vacancies 37 Lakewood, WA Wendy Markquart
  • Washington
  • SPED Teacher
  • EdForce Teacher
  • Full Time
  • $40,000+
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UI-PCG is recruiting for immediate placement of full-time Special Education Teachers.

Job Goals

Under general supervision, provides special education services to students identified as disabled in accordance with state and federal regulations. Work involves developing and implementing the Individual Education Program in classroom settings that are compatible with the student’s age and developmental level. The EC teacher is responsible for developing lesson plans, adapting materials and designing activities to assist EC students develop appropriate academic, behavioral, and social skills and to meet their IEP goals. The teacher is responsible for monitoring student’s progress and for maintaining EC records in compliance with state and federal guidelines.

We are ready support you in your education career by offering the following:

  • Hands-on mentoring and coaching from experts with over 20 years of teaching experience.
  • Guidance and expertise in taking candidates through licensure process.
  • An interactive (online) learning community that allows new teachers to connect with each other, share experiences and provide support.
  • Enhanced professional develop opportunities and customized resources for all content areas and level of expertise.
  • Develop and implement an instructional plan which is compatible with the school and system-wide curricular goals and the students’ Individual Education Program
  • Develop Individual Education Programs (IEP) for students with disabilities; implements the IEP; and uses diagnostic information obtained from tests and other assessment procedures to update IEPs as needed.
  • Monitor student behavior; maintain discipline in the classroom; deescalate inappropriate behaviors; teach students appropriate behavioral strategies; restrain students when necessary; record and report restrain toileting, and other essential tasks that the students are not able to perform by themselves.
  • Communicate with parents regarding children’s educational progress via periodic written progress reports.
  • Acts as a case coordinator for assigned students; consult with community care-givers, school support professionals, and parents to better understand and meet student needs
  • Ability to perform other duties assigned by the School Operator/Principal
  • Ability to constantly monitor the safety and wellbeing of students, particularly when student is participating in an inclusive activity
  • Ability to motivate students
  • Ability to maintain a clean and orderly environment
  • Ability to perform general clerical duties
  • Provide direct special education instruction to identified students
  • Employ a variety of teaching methods to meet student needs
  • Assist disabled students with their personal and self-help needs, such as eating, Implementation of these methods may require the adaptation or development of material
Minimum Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree from accredited college or university (preferably degree in Special Education or other relevant degree)
  • Current Teaching License (Lateral Entry/Provisional or Professional) – Preferred but not required
  • Able to pass a background and drug screen
Compensation Structure
  • Based on 2018/19 client salary guide
  • Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Life Insurance, Teacher Retirement, Annual Leave Days & Sick Days)
  • Bonus/incentives available

All PCG Instructors will gain access to a thorough and comprehensive support and guidance program to ensure success in the classroom. This program will provide Instructors with connection to a Field Management Team, Online resources and ongoing professional development opportunities.

PCG Education is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Special Education Teachers - Immediate Vacancies 37 Lakewood, WA Wendy Markquart
  • Washington
  • SPED Teacher
  • EdForce Teacher
  • Full Time
  • $40,000+
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